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Understanding Time Energy and other Universal Influences

Look towards the heavens for guidance and inspiration.  Take a look at the energies present at the time of your birth that impact who and where you are at any given point and time.  Various Astrological readings and Numerology can help you understand these things and give you the guidance and inspiration we all seek.

Ever notice an odd animal cross your path or be thinking about something and then you hear a song on the radio that relates to what you were thinking about.  How about those crazy dreams?  Did you ever wonder what the meanings of these synchronistic things are?  Well I have several resources at my finger tips that can help you unravel these mysteries.

9 Star Ki Astrology Reading - $60

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Energy Medicine Healing and Personal Clearing Session
Balance the energies of our body, mind and spirit.

Feng Shui Consultation and Space Clearing / Blessing
Balance the energies of our surrounding space.

Fashion Feng Shui Consultation
Balance the energies of your appearance.

Astrology Readings and Insight into Numerology, Totems, Dreams, and Signs
Understand the energies of time and the universe.
Energy Medicine Healing & Relaxation Session or Personal Clearing

Balancing the Energy of the Body, Mind and Spirit

Energy Medicine is a form of healing that works on identifying energy variations in the body contributing to aches, pains and illness.  The process looks at life stresses, our personality type, our thoughts, our belief system and our tendency to 'hold' our stress in certain parts of our bodies.  I work to help the client get grounded, relax, and understand why the stress settles where it does in their body helping them to balance out their body’s energy flow to a healthier level.

The W.I.S.E. ™ Method (wholistic, integrated, spiritual energies) of healing helps us to connect our body, mind and spirit giving equal attention to all parts of our being.  This helps to give us an overall sense of well-being.  Click here for a list of Healings.

Personal Clearing works to clear or help us to release any negative charge resulting in an energy block that is held from experiences and to rebalance our energy fields.  There are nine fields that are cleared (disturbing effects of others, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, karmic patterns, inherited patterns, witnessing presence and integration).  These can be done in person or at a distance. 

30 min. $45 - 60 min. $85 - 90 min. $125
Interperative write-up $45

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Feng Shui Consultation and Space Clearing / Blessing

Balancing the Energy of your Space

Energy in our living and work space should be harmoniously balanced to support us in feeling safe and comfortable in our daily lives.  Feng Shui, Clearings and Blessings help to achieve this harmonious balance between you and your space.  If you are at a point where you feel ‘stuck’ or stagnant in a certain part of your life or something just doesn’t feel right, we take a look at any blocks of energy that may be occurring in your surroundings and we examine ways to address these.  Feng Shui practices work to balance the flow of energy to your property and throughout your house, office or work space in addition to balancing the five life-forming elements (fire, earth, metal, wood, water) and the Yin (feminine) and Yang (masculine) energetic qualities.  Clearings and Blessings work to clear any residual energies that may be lingering from previous occupants of the land, house or office and bless the area for the new occupants.  These practices revitalize the space and give a feeling of renewal to those living or working in the space.

Feng Shui Consultation or Space Clearing / Blessing $180 each.
Interperative write-up $45

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Fashion Feng Shui Consultation

Balancing the Energy of your Appearance

Fashion Feng Shui is a way to balance and empower yourself by helping you understand and honor your essence, enhance your appearance and define and affirm your current life intentions.

Like Energy Medicine which balances the energy of Body, Mind and Spirit, Fashion Feng Shui assures that you dress your whole person; Body = Appearance, Mind=Intention and Spirit=Essence.

Like Feng Shui for your space, Fashion Feng Shui works with your clothing and helps you to bring a harmonious balance between the five life-forming elements (fire, earth, metal, wood, water).

This is a fun and empowering experience and will help you to balance the energy of your appearance and help to give you a feeling of renewal and revitalization!

Consultation (1:1) $125 or FFS Group Discovery $25 per person (minimum of 5 people).

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