What my Clients are saying...

I went to Renee for an Energy Healing, initially out of curiosity after hearing Renee explain what her practice was about.  I didn't really have any expectations because I didn't know what to expect.  I had been experiencing some minor aches and pains that seemed to come and go but at the time of the visit I was pretty much ache free.  I do have to say that it was amazing the insight that Renee had to some of my internal "conflicts" and stressors that we hadn't even discussed.  After the session, I felt very relaxed and light.  But that wasn't the only benefit, I slept like a baby for several months afterwards.  My next Energy Healing session was to work on some areas where I felt blocked, Renee was able to key in on exactly the heart of some of my life stressors...it was amazing.  The benefits again were the improved sleeping, overall peacefulness and an openness to my life experiences that has truly been a comfort.  Renee has a true gift and we are lucky she has chosen a career path where she can share it with us!

Amy Lohman
Branford, CT


I have been under a lot of stress due to my caregiver position and decided I needed to do something for me. I set an appointment with Renee and was keeping an open mind. When I arrived she told me what came to her as she was connecting with me on her way to meet me. I was amazed to hear that my fathers name was mentioned first and just how my mother calls him along with other connections of my past. Renee continued to sense things about me during our session and used her clearing technique to help adjust my energy flow. I did find it helpful and maybe it was a coincident but later that day I was able to remove a wood splinter from my finger that had been festering for over four months. I believe Renee has a special gift and would recommend her services.


Renee’s natural gift as a healer has supported her in coming alive as energy practitioner in such a way that her ability to be there with her clients is truly touching to watch.
Renee’s understanding of the multi-dimensional energy flows and the patterns that have developed for each individual support her really being present with each person she sees - a gift that is not always found in the world of energy practitioners. 
Dorothy A. Martin-Neville, PhD, DCEP
The Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences, LLC

"Renee is a gifted healer who approaches each with compassion, empathy and an open heart. My sessions with her have made a tremendous impact on my journey to greater well being. I would refer any of my personal loved ones to Renee without hesitation."

Ellen Brenner, MS, EMC
Wellness Practitioner
Sarasota, Florida

"Working with Renee in personal space clearing was a positive, helpful and insightful experience. She was easily able to receive and translate intuitive information and able to help me heal on all levels of body, mind and spirit. I highly recommend her! "


I had the pleasure of working with Renee on a few Space Clearing projects.  She is a gifted individual with amazing intuitive abilities.   Her compassion and insight was truly appreciated!  Thank you Renee!

Jean Hayes
Interior Designer/Feng Shui Practitioner
Hanover, MA

I was very pleased with the effects my family and I felt after Renee did a Feng Shui consultation and a clearing on my property.  Renee is very professional, but a kind and caring person at the same time.  She was very thorough throughout the consultation and with the information that she left after the session.  I still find myself referring back to the packet to make changes and find the true meaning of many objects throughout my house.  As changes were slowly made, you could feel the energy shift throughout the house and a much more positive feeling throughout my family.  In the time she spent with me and the information she left, gave me a whole new outlook on life and how things tied together.  It was amazing how she showed how all rooms in your house are connected and how each room in your house has a meaning and purpose to everyday life.   It was interesting to see how someone else viewed your home and what things you could do to get the most meaning from your surroundings. 
Renee also has a great ability to visualize things.  Throughout the clearing, Renee was able to picture and pinpoint things that needed to be cleared from the property that had existed in the past and present history of the property that I never knew about.  She was also able to see things that I knew existed that I hadn’t told her about.  The night after Renee left, there was a feeling of peace and calmness throughout the house.  It was like a big breath of fresh air was sent through my house during the clearing.  The chaotic craziness that was usually present among my children was gone.  There was a much more positivism and sense of harmony throughout my family.
Wallingford, CT

"Renee is a gifted and very well-rounded healer.  Her training in many modalities
gives her a great deal to offer when working with a client.  It has been a
tremendous benefit for me to work with Renee over the past year.  I appreciate
her knowledge, ability, and compassion."

Donna, (EMC Student)

Renee is a very intuitive and gifted healer!  I have had healings done by Renee on numerous occasions and have always been amazed with the insights she has provided me with and how accurate she was each time.  Renee has a very calming and soothing energy about her which has always made me feel comfortable during our healing sessions. After a healing from Renee, I have always felt more at peace with whatever I may be dealing with in life. I would highly recommend Renee to anyone looking to work through any physical or emotional issues in their life.          

Amy Weber  Cobalt, CT.  

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