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Human Beings get so caught up in the day to day craziness of obtaining the material things we think we need to have, and the stress of day to day living that we easily lose sight of who we truly are.  We are all walking our individual journeys during our life times and our journeys take us through many transitional periods.  It is during these transitions that we look to each other for support.  There are many ways to reconnect to our core essences.  On my current path of transformation, healing and growth, I have found a multitude of sources helpful in reconnecting to my true essence and guiding me back to who I started out as in this world.  This has given me a sense of peace and tranquility allowing me to once again laugh, enjoy my family and to ‘live’ my ‘life’, not simply ‘exist’.

If you are in a transitional period, are struggling with health or life issues and you are ready to work on healing, growing and moving forward in life, then the services I offer may be just what the doctor ordered!

The balance of our energy field and ultimately our health and wellbeing can be negatively impacted by many factors such as our personality type, our belief system, our environment, our current life experiences, past life experiences, daily stressors and even our clothes.

I offer Energy Medicine Healing sessions, Personal & Space Clearing Sessions, Feng Shui Consultations and Fashion Feng Shui Consultations.

Take the first step to reclaiming your personal power and call for an appointment!

We all have our own unique inner light and I would like to help you illuminate yours.

Empower Yourself!
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